A Repair Job

We were called in to repair an existing feature beside a client’s pool. When we arrived there was a pile of rocks randomly placed beside the pool. We incorporated the rocks into a custom designed waterfall. The client wanted a beautiful, functional waterfall that would require as little maintenance as possible.

The Challenges

We only had one chance for precise placement. The risk was that the heavy limestone boulders would fall in the pool and damage the cement bottom and ultimately cause the pool to leak. Behind the gate and waterfall there is a 30 ft. drop that would be fatal for any of the crew. We only had a six foot work are to construct the water fall.

A further consideration was that the pool is salt water. The water that is pumped from the pool and cascades through the waterfall could not touch the garden. We built everything so that this would not be a problem.

The landscaping had to be robust enough to withstand long absences of the owners. We incorporated plants that were drought resistance and would still look beautiful.

The Custom Built Waterfall Before the Landscaping

The Final Result

A beautiful outdoor oasis that incorporates the salt water of the pool directly into the waterfall without harming the drought-resistant landscaping.