Drainage Issues, a Pond & Rock Walls: this project involved all the facets of Black Rock expertise.

There were drainage issues that were resulting in a foot of water in the garage. We sloped everything away from the house and added drainage with multiple outlets.

This property features a hot tub that drips into a pond. Unfortunately this feature had fallen into such disrepair that it had become an eyesore. We essentially rebuilt the pond. It is now fresh water fed with decorative boulders added. We increased its size so that is big enough that the children swim in it.

We built stairs and walkways and natural rock walls. Over 80 rocks were sourced from the property itself, dug out with our machines, and used in the walls. The flagstone steps have our signature ‘moss’ treatment. We carefully introduce moss into the nooks and crannies and instantly make the flagstone look like it is a natural part of the landscape.

This project is best demonstrated with a series of Before & After Photos.

The Backyard Before
The Backyard After
The Pond Before
The Pond After
The Old Steps and Rocks
The New Steps and Rocks
The Original Garage Entryway with Drainage Problems
The New Flagstone Patio with Resolved Drainage