Who Are We?

With a vision to share his creativity and love for horticulture, Larry Martin, an honest to goodness farm boy from Southern Ontario moved his family to Muskoka  to broaden his horizons. Noticing the abundance of untouched, rich land and countless Black granite, a Landscaping business was born. Like the unsurpassed strength of the Muskoka black rock, our craftsmanship stands the test of time.

Larry’s family is now an integral part of Black Rock Landscaping. They share his passion and strong belief in customer satisfaction. With more than 30+ years experience and a family team, we continue to thrive on workmanship, quality and customer satisfaction. A member of Landscape Ontario, we focus on creating high quality, distinctive landscape projects throughout the Muskoka, Parry Sound and surrounding areas.¬†

What We Deliver

  • Muskoka Expertise

  • Customer Service

  • Hardscape Installation

  • Surpass Expectations




    Founder of Black Rock Landscaping

    Larry specializes in horticulture and landscape design. His roots stem from growing up on a farm and now has 35+ years of landscaping and customer service experience.


    Hardscape Design & Construction Expert

    Foreman and general mechanic of Blackrock, Lee’s expertise includes retaining rock walls, flagstone and design. Lee has over 20+ years experience in landscape design.


    Landscape & Property Maintenance Expert

    Foreman and parts manager of Black Rock, Chad specializes in flagstone design and construction, and has 16+ years experience. Chad is dedicated to exceptional customer service.